We Are On Our Own In The Post-Covid World Peak Prosperity

Algorithms will be developed relating to various sorting and searching techniques, merging and recursion. A high-level structured programming language, such as C, using both static and dynamic storage concepts, will be used in exploring and developing these algorithms. Prerequisite(s): BCS 230 with a grade of C or higher. sustainability of bitcoin and blockchains - The sustainability of bitcoin is depending on a mix of environmental [10 ... Blockchains can be classified as public blockchains, private blockchains or consortium blockchains . Bitcoin is an example of a public blockchain, in which all records are visible to the public and everyone can take part in the consensus process. 1) Bitcoin Core (BTC) developers have been prioritizing long-term viability and security over shorter-term usability -- hence the disagreement that resulted in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) -- which results in serious bottlenecks when too many people try to use it simultaneously, resulting in exhorbitant fees (it once reached around $50 fee per transaction).  ... The crypto revolution has taken the world by storm, changing the way value is stored and exchanged. This multi-billion dollar industry, rapidly approaching the half-a-trillion USD mark, has become the most exciting industry for investors globally.

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